Tree thinning, reductions and crown-raising

Reducing a trees height, Raising it’s canopy by Reducing/Removing its lowest branches and Thinning out a trees crown by removing excessive and unhealthy branches all helps to keep trees healthy and safe.

We take pride in our work and in the quality of the end result when it comes to proper tree pruning. Obviously when viewing a job we can only make recommendations based on best practices with regards to how to cut the tree and ultimately it is up to the client to take on board our recommendations.

Sometimes people do want trees cut a certain way and due to our positive customer care we oblige customers on their requests as to how they would like the trees cut. Once we have given the customer adequate information about how the tree will respond to the cutting and about what is actually better for the tree overall it is the customer who must choose whether to allow the work to be completed in this way.

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