Live and dead tree rigging and removal

Removing live and dead trees in dangerous situations is one of the more dangerous aspects of tree work. Not only does the team need to be trained, experienced and capable but the approach needs to be the most sensible and safe before work commences and this is often decided beforehand with the client and the team supervisor and Person In-Charge of Work this can mean deciding the most efficient and safe approach to get the job done in a timely manner. We have experience removing large and dangerous trees in cooperation with Crane Operators, Cherry Pickers, Large-scale Plant Machinery and even with just a climber, groundsmen and various specialised rigging and lowering equipment.

When dismantling trees near to building, roads and wires every care is given to make sure that no decision is rushed and that every piece of timber is lowered safely to the ground in a controlled manner.

We operate with full insurance and to the highest regulations and standards in good climbing and rigging practice and as outlined by the HSA, the ISA and AFAG.

The key to successful operations in tree work is by knowing which plan to make and how to execute and complete the work efficiently.

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